1. sun kissed skin, saltwater hair, sandy legs + ice cream milky bunz + babes


  2. Thanks!


  3. grimelight:

    Let’s shoot some film. Share with your friends, reblog, repost and help keep film alive

    ME and Grimelight are hosting this photo walk. If you shoot film join us!


  4. Chris! Working with you was such a pleasure! Great environment, great vibes, and great personality! The pictures turned out so amazing with your film camera. Would absolutely love to shoot with you again! Thank you so much for being such a rad photographer! -Makaila


  5. March 28th 2014 was when this roll was shot. That weekend shook Los Angeles and orange county with earthquakes and more than 200 aftershocks recorded. Nonetheless it was still a great weekend to shoot.


  6. Some of my favorites from the runway show i shot. Monday evening


  7. Nikon D800 / Test

    I had a Nikon D800 and a 24-70mm F/2.8 this past weekend to play with and it was a delight to use. It never failed me the colors was spot on. sharpness,image quality and high iso was really impressive specially when paired with a high-end lens like the 24-70mm. Here’s part 1 of my fun weekend with the D800. Images are un-retouched as usual. Enjoy


  8. I had the great fortune of meeting Chris for the first time when he took a little adventure to Portland, OR. He is one of the most fun and light-hearted people I have ever met. I had such a great shoot with this guy and felt so comfortable with him right off of the bat. He has such a kind and gentle personality and makes you feel like a friend as soon as you start talking to him. We ended up having quite the little adventure in downtown Portland and he was able to deal with my driving down a one-way street accidentally and proceeding to turn around after trying to go through a do not enter in a panic. That right there shows how chill he is and laid-back. I look forward to being able to shoot more work with him if he ever is coming back to Portland or I am in his area. I would highly recommend him to anyone; he has such an artistic eye for photography and knows how to work his camera. The work we got together was incredible and I feel lucky to have gotten to work with this guy! Two big, huge thumbs up for Chris


  9. Left leg - Right leg


  10. You don’t always come across such amazing nice people and Chris is just that. From the first time I met him he was so nice and so friendly. He’s so easy to get along with. Also, might I just add that he is quite the gentleman! Having that great energy from the start really sets for an awesome time. He’s super talented and watching his creative mind work it’s magic is truly something. Working with him isn’t even work because it always ends up being a good time with a good friend! The outcome always blows my mind being able to finally see what he captures and proving just how talented he truly is. I love working with Chris and I know he will be super successful in the near future! So glad to be a part of his art. -Alysia <3




  12. I love the gap.



  14. I had a long weekend and flew up to Portland to explore and shoot some models. I hung out with some of the most amazing and genuine people iv’e met, The feeling of being anonymous in a city that you’re unfamiliar with is one of the best. well i suck at writing so let my images and video below speak for itself!



  15. My Portland adventures through my eyes in less than 4 minutes.