2. On the phone with mom


  3. Newly married couple Paul+Mj

    lighter side to my usual work haha


  4. Haven’t posted anything in a while so I’ll post something special.

    Iv’e been wanting to go to a abandoned place for the longest time and i was lucky enough to meet someone that knew a spot. We had a way to get in legally without trespassing and we were told that they were gonna paint over all the murals and renovate next week. I’m lucky enough to photograph this “artists playground” one last time. I cant get over the feeling i got when i entered the compound. 



  5. Haven’t made a video in a while so i decided to make something fun last weekend. Enjoy! watch in HD


  6. She looks cute wearing my beanie and sweater.


  7. June 2014


  8. Yes our phones own us 


  9. Damn its July already! where did June go?


  10. What I need at the moment. Pizza,beer,wine and you


  11. Been busy lately that i forgot that i even didn’t post photos i shot from last week and 2 weeks ago.


  12. What kind of beer should i get?


  13. caciazoo Beverly Hills, Ca. 2014


  14. about to make your feed wet


  15. May Randoms